About us

Formula Racing is a professional Danish racing team founded and 100% owned by the Danish importer of Ferrari and Maserati, Formula Automobile & Formula Leasing. Formula Racing spans a wide range of motorsport activities from karting to formula racing to international GT series.

Formula Racing consists of enthusiasts who live and breathe motorsport. We invest in young motorsport talent that can succeed at an international level. We collaborate with top drivers and teams, and we create events that make dreams come true.


At Formula Racing you are fully supported. We believe that teamwork leads to success. That is why we focus on learning, processes and results. You and your teammates get to sit with our experienced engineers to analyze your performance using the latest telemetry systems.

In addition, together with the rest of the team, you will be able to share unforgettable experiences both on and off the track, while expanding your business network.


Formula Racing is the world’s most successful Ferrari Challenge team, in addition we have won the European Le Mans Series and completed the legendary 24H Le Mans.

849 – Races
278 – Podiums
109 – Race Victories
95 – Fastest Laps
86 – Pole Positions
22 – Championships


  • 2007 – Formula Racing is founded
  • 2014 – 2nd in the European Le Mans Series (LM-GTE)
  • 2015 – 1st in the European Le Mans Series (LM-GTE)
  • 2016 – 24H Le Mans debut, 8th in the LM-GTE category
  • 2017 – Winning three out of four Ferrari Challenge Championships, including the World Championship
  • 2022 – Participating in the Asian Le Mans Series
  • 2023 – 3rd in the Ferrari Challenge EU Trofeo Coppa Shell AM Championship

Racing Programs

As part of Formula Racing, you will be introduced to various programs within Ferrari Racing and motorsport in general.

Competitive Championships

  • Ferrari Challenge
  • GT3 Endurance Racing

Trackday based

  • Ferrari Club Challenge
  • Competizione GT
  • XX Program
  • F1 Clienti
  • Hyper Club
  • Formula Racing