New Car, More Racing DNA

In 2024, the Ferrari Challenge changes from the Ferrari 488 EVO Challenge to the Ferrari 296 Challenge. The new model has improved aerodynamics, which means a pressure of 870kg at 250km/h and significantly more stability when changing direction at high speed. The Ferrari 296’s characteristic V6 Twin Turbo ensures a whopping 700hp.

The Ferrari 296 clearly bears the stamp of Ferrari’s successful work with the GT3 car, where several elements have been reused to make the Challenge car ever more competent on the race track.

But it is not only pure performance that the new model excels at. The new CCM-R Plus brake discs ensure durability and better maintenance. Combined with the bumpers and the car’s floor being made of plastic, the total running costs are lowered.

Arrive and drive

As Formula Racing competes in Ferrari Challenge you can concentrate solely on your efforts on the track. All around, everything around you and your car is carefully taken care of. We provide the driving suit, washing service, livery design for the car, team manager, mechanics, engineers and hospitality. All you have to do is show up on the track with a motivation to improve and get across the finish line first.

Race Calendar

In 2024, the Ferrari Challenge will visit some of Europe’s best racetracks.

  • Mugello, Italy, 5.may
  • Balaton, Hungary, 2. june
  • Jerez, Spain, 23. june
  • Portimao, Portugal, 7. july
  • Paul Ricard, France, 28. july
  • Nürburgring GP, Germany, 8. september
  • Imola (Finali Mondiali), Italy, 20. october


  • Friday Practice, 60 minutes
  • Saturday Qualify, 30 minutes
  • Saturday Race, 30 minutes
  • Sunday Qualify, 30 minutes
  • Sunday Race, 30 minutes

The Series

The Ferrari Challenge is the longest-running single-make championship in Ferrari’s history. The championship is characterised by identical Ferrari cars, close racing and challenging tracks. It embraces new gentlemen drivers as well as professional and talented racers of all ages.


The Ferrari Challenge is divided into four categories, Trofeo Pirelli Pro, Trofeo Pirelli AM, Coppa Shell Pro and Coppa Shell AM. When registering for the championship, a committee at Ferrari selects which categories a driver belongs to.

The categorisation makes the class exciting for all drivers, as this measure contributes to the drivers meeting equal opponents in the respective classes.

In 2024, all participants drive identical cars of the Ferrari 296 Challenge model, with only a few adjustment options allowed. This means that it is up to the individual driver to get the most out of his or her car in order to place themselves at the top of the field.

The Trofeo Pirelli Pro class is characterised by young talents who are fighting to make a name for themselves in motorsport. In addition, this particular class also consists of drivers who have previously been active in motorsport.

Dane, Nicklas Nielsen, current factory driver and hypercar driver at Ferrari, made his name in the Ferrari Challenge. Winning the Championship, together with Formula Racing, both the European championship and the Trofeo Pirelli Pro.

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