Focus on learning and process

Passione Ferrari Club Challenge is not the traditional racing series, instead the focus is on lap times, so you can measure, improve and beat your personal best lap time.

Each car is equipped with telemetry devices to record your lap times, so you can improve your skills on the track and compare with other drivers.

For each event, experienced Ferrari instructors will be available for driving technical workshops, coaching in the car, telemetry and driving style analysis.

If you want to feel, live and share your passion for racing, the Passione Ferrari Club Challenge program gives you the perfect starting point. You will meet and compete with other Ferrari Challenge members who share the same passion for Ferrari and for racing.

In 2024, the Ferrari Club Challenge continues solely with the Ferrari 488 EVO, it is not possible to participate with a Ferrari 296 Challenge car.

Arrive and Drive

When you participate in Ferrari Club Challenge with Formula Racing, you can concentrate solely on your efforts on the track. Everything around you and your car is carefully taken care of. We provide the driving suit, washing service, livery design for the car, team leader, mechanics, engineers and hospitality.

Share the Car and the Experience

Each car can be shared by a maximum of 2 drivers at each event. This allows you to enjoy the experience with a business partner, friend or family member. At the same time, this is also a good way to share costs and rationalize time in relation to the calendar.

In order to participate, it is necessary to have a valid Ferrari Club Challenge membership.

All new members will receive a personalised set of racing gear, including racing suit, boots, gloves, helmet, protective underwear and HANS (head and neck support device), presented in a customised Ferrari bag with Club Challenge branding.

Ferrari Club Memberships

  • Full Season Package – 6 events
  • Half Season Package – 3 events
  • Single Event

All packages include six hours of track time and full hospitality packages for one driver and non-driver (or two drivers) – including breakfast, lunch and final aperitif

Lots of driving time

Each event consist of 2x180min driving time.


In 2024, the Ferrari Club Challenge will visit some of Europe’s best racetracks.

  • Mugello, Italy, 6.may
  • Balaton, Hungary, 3. june
  • Jerez, Spain, 24. june
  • Portimao, Portugal, 8. july
  • Paul Ricard, France, 29. juli
  • Nürburgring GP, Germany, 27. 9. september
  • Imola (Finali Mondiali), Italy, 15. october
  • Formula Racing